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With trade-secrets passed down from generations of women who believed in ‘remedies from the era of vintage beauty being the most classic remedies to attain great skin and hair’,  AromaFairy – The Beautiful You ® presents products that redefine the meaning of organic skin and hair care. Though the brand has been a registered trademark and has been marketed widely for only the past 5 years, AromaFairy has been sprinkling their fairy dust on skin and hair problems for over a decade and a half. For over 15 years, our brand has been working on presenting and perfecting skin food and hair food for clients who strongly believe in naturally extracted skin and hair care products, and aim to continue spreading the skin and hair love with times to come.

About Aroma Fairy - The Beautiful You

AromaFairy – The Beautiful You stands for all things natural. The foundation of our products are built from elements like: essential oils, balanced botanical ingredients, and a dash of positivity. AromaFairy specializes in skin food and hair food which tend to repair and replenish you for the long haul and are fully vegetarian. We have products that range from face masks to face mist, and hair oils to hair butter, and while it may be widely misunderstood that our products are suitable only for women, we would like to let our patrons know that AromaFairy is a brand suitable for men, women, boys, girls, and children too! The key ingredient in every product of ours is natural goodness, which makes them safe and mild enough to use on all genders, age groups, and skin types.
If you’re wondering how we are different from every other organic skin care brand out there, let us explain.

AromaFairy – The Beautiful You is deeply invested in the performance of our products and the well-being of our clients. Our founder, Parinaaz Irani, takes a special interest in every client on a personal level by making sure she sets up online or offline consultation sessions, if necessary. She assesses and analyzes your skin to understand the deep-rooted issues being faced by you, and upon careful observation she suggests products and techniques that will help you fix and eradicate those problems for good

Parinaaz Irani

Meet the Fairy

The lady whose name quite literally means ‘A Beautiful Fairy’, is the mastermind behind the inception and success of AromaFairy. Pari began her skincare revelations at the mere age of 10 years old, and the rest as they say is history. From starting with small experiments of making face packs with kitchen ingredients and learning Aroma Therapy tricks & techniques from her peers, to building a brand that is successfully making women look and feel beautiful around the globe, Pari has worked hard on busting the myth that ingredients which come from nature’s well may not always be efficient and effective. Our founder not only works on suggesting the right products for the skin and hair type of an individual, but she also works on understanding the lifestyle of the people that she is working with, and ensures that she is suggesting a lot of positive lifestyle changes that help her clients retain their glow and vibrancy for the long-term. With a degree in Psychology, our brand founder works on not only counselling the skin, but also the overall lifestyle of her clients. Pari comes from a strong belief in leading a healthy lifestyle, and she believes that if the body is treated like a temple, you shall reap the benefits of all the worship in the long run. AromaFairy has received a multitude of support from family, friends, and a community of thousands and growing clients from across the globe, and Pari aims to strive even harder to spread the skin and hair love!

                                                                Our Vision

We passionately believe that nature’s inbred skin and hair care is the way forward in the future. Cultures from across the globe are very rich with their essential and organic remedies for all skin and hair issues, and our mission is to leverage those techniques to ensure that all our clients are indulging in environment friendly and healthy options to improve their overall well-being.
AromaFairy – The Beautiful You has always adopted the pure way of repairing any kind of skin and hair issues, and we thrive to see the world take a shift from chemical and paraben-based treatments to more raw elements that will help them retain their beauty long past the products have worn off. We also strive to promote healthier lifestyles with our counselling so that our clients not only look good on the outside, but also feel good on the inside. AromaFairy hopes to not only change appearances, but also change mentalities where positivity becomes a key driver for our clients which ends the reign of self-criticism. Our founder believes that every person is beautiful, and they shouldn’t just rely on products to look beautiful, but embrace their beauty from within and feel it radiating from their core. We stand for organic skin care and hair care for a healthier and more beautiful you!

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