Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I store these products? 
Store all products in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight & damp environment. Keep the jars tightly sealed when not in use. Refrigerate if weather is too hot. 

2. The colour/fragrance of the product has changed since I bought it, is that normal? 
Yes it is. Since products are chemical/paraben/ preservative free, changes in colour/fragrance/texture are normal. 

3. What’s the expiry date of these products?
Since all products are natural & botanical its best to use them within 6 to 9 months as the efficacy of the products may reduce with time.

4. I received a wrong product, what should I do? 
Please check all the products as soon as you receive them. Any problems/complaints about the order should be reported within 48hrs from the time of delivery. Necessary action will be taken. After 48hrs complaints will not be entertained. Contact us for any problems via whatsapp or email. 

5. Is a tingling sensation normal while using the masks/ cremes? 
Yes, as these products are customized to work on tan & skin damage. Tingling is normal. Burning is not. Please discontinue use if burning continues. Ice the area immediately. Natural ingredients can cause sensitivity in certain skin types. Please perform a patch test before use. 

6. Do I get a refund if the products don’t suit me? 
We do not offer refunds. Exchanges possible only under certain conditions. For more info please email or whatsapp us. 

7. The product I received this time is different from the one I received in my last order, why? 
Since products are handcrafted, they are customized as per the weather & may be different in consistency, color & aroma

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