Anti Acne Kit

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A quintessential combo of 4 products, that not only work well to subside & arrest active pimples but also play an active role to target the Bacteria causing them as well as eliminating & healing the blemishes & scars left behind by old acne.
The Anti Acne Kit focuses on detoxifying the skin, curating it & minimising pores for a more even toned & supple look to your complexion. The Kit helps to Detan, brighten & banish pimple marks & dark spots.

1. Soothing Neem Anti Acne Mask 
A perfect SOS at the onset of a pimple, that helps to draw out the bacteria & dry out the pimple, hence reducing the risk of scarring.
A simple spot treatment only to be used on active pimples twice a day. 

2. Pure Essence Brightening Toner 
Works as an anti bacterial shield that tones the skin & balances the pH level, hence minimising pores & keeping the skin more alkaline, fresh, mattified & bacteria free. 

3. Charcoal Cleanse Purifying Scrub Mask 
Detoxifies the skin to reveal a clean complexion by extracting out the excessive sebum, dirt, grime & make up. Scrubs off dead skin cells & brightens the complexion for a purified & fresh look.

4. All Glow Mask
A blemish banisher that evens out the skin tone, lightens the complexion & eliminates marks & scars left behind by pimples & acne. Promotes faster cell regeneration & heals the skin from within giving it a firmer look & supple feel. 


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