Anti Pigmentation Kit

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Hyper Pigmentation / Melasma can be caused by to many different factors. Excessive sun exposure, hormonal imbalance, health issues, pregnancy etc. being a few. Since, there is no sure cause, its uncertain to have a fullproof solution to the same.
A potential result oriented combo of 4 enriching products, that protect, heal, repair & lighten the skin, have been put together to help achieve a solution & eliminate pigmentation, dark spots, scars & blemishes.

The Anti Pigmentation Kit, targets the melanin accumulation & helps break up the melanin to restore the skin, hydrate & polish off the pigments, revealing lighter, brighter & firmer skin.

1. Aloe Hydra Day Creme 
A hydrating, light weight & potent blend helps to protect the skin against sun damage, pollution, environmental factors & dehydration. A non comedogenic product that lets the skin breathe all through the day. Essential oils help lighten & protect. Anti aging properties for an ageless glowing skin.

2. Night Glow Essence
An antioxidant rich blend of powerful essential oils help to restore, heal & repair the skin through the night. Promotes faster cell regeneration, helps heal scars, tissue damage, tan & dark spots. A vitamin C & E rich aromatic formula to help you sleep to beauty & younger, fairer skin.

3. Sheer Blush Lightening Skin Polish 
Vitamin C rich, natural ferulic acid blend helps to focus on eliminating the melanin build up. Works as a natural exfoliator & peels off the dead skin cells enhancing the skin elasticity & softness. Lightens & brings about a pinkish glow to the skin with natural allantoin.

4. Saffrose Fairness Mask
A rich mèlange of vitamins A, E , C , B complex & antioxidants work to detan, brighten & undo sun/ environmental damage caused to the skin. Helps minimize pores, erase age spots & evens out skin tone for a flawless, visibly lighter complexion. Botanicals with anti aging benefits help provide a youthful & peachy glow.


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