At Home Spa Facial Kit – Normal to Dry Skin

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Indulge in a royal spa like aromatic experience at your leisure & in the comfort of your home, in a simple 5 step procedure.
AromaFairy’s  ‘At Home Spa Facial Kit’ has been carefully thought out & put together to quench your thirst for Beauty, Youth & Health for your delicate skin.

Step 1: Pure Essence Cleansing Emulsion 
Cleanses out the dirt, grime, makeup & preps your skin to help absorb all the goodness that follows.

Step 2: Orange Licorice Scrub
Gently exfoliates the dead skin cells & further cleanses the pores & detans your skin to reveal clear, brighter & fresh complexion.

Step 3: Youth Enrich Massage Gel
Hydrates & Rejuvenates the skin helping faster Cell Regeneration & repairs the skin restoring it by helping undo the skin damage caused by the sun & environment. A warm compress after massage at this step can further boost the effects of the product. 

Step 4: Saffrose Fairness Mask
Antioxidant boost for the skin with benefits of  Vitamins A, E & C to lighten ,brighten & tighten the complexion with Anti aging formula for more supple & squeaky clean skin. 

Step 5: Rose Saffron Hydrating Mist 
A simple yet potent hydrating formula which tones the skin, keeping the pores firmer, healthier & skin alkaline & pH balanced.


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