Hair Butter Balm


Organic botanical butters, liquid gold Argan oil & other natural & essential oils whisk up to make a luxurious deep conditioning mask to help promote hair growth & shine. Deeply nourishes the hair. Highly beneficial for chemically treated/ damaged hair. Helps get rid of Frizz & Dryness. For all hair types.


Application Part your hair into 3 or 4 sections & apply a small amount to each section. Do not over use. Can be used on dry scalp too.
Leave on for an hour or use overnight. Wrap a warm towel for better results (Optional). Wash, of with warm.water & a chemical free shampoo.

Use twice a week for optimum benefits. Can be used as a leave in too for extremely frizzy hair.

Store in the refrigerator. Use alternately with the Hair
Elixir Oil to maintain healthy, thick & beautiful hair.


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