Pure Essence Cleansing Emulsion


A gentle yet potent blend of jojoba, avocado & essential oils to help remove dirt, grime & make up without dehydrating the skin. A replenishing & soothing alternative to the harsh face wash. A soap free & hydrating formula. For all skin types.

Massage a small amount onto the skin & wash off with cool water (does not lather)
Massage a small amount onto the skin & wipe off with cotton pads or wipes to remove make up. Re- use if necessary. Can be used with a facial cleansing brush too. Use about 2 to 3 times a day.

Recommendation: (Optional)
Use Pure Essence Brightening Toner or Rose & Saffron Hydrating Mist after use. Followed by the Aloe Hydra Day Creme/Night Glow Essence.


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